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The GySgt John Basilone Award for Courage and Commitment was first presented on Basilone Day19 February 2004, at the Freedom Museum in Manassas, Virginia.

The purpose of the GySgt John Basilone Award for Courage and Commitment is to honor the memory of GySgt John Basilone as well as to recognize the actions of today’s Marines who uphold the ultimate attributes of what it means to be a United States Marine.

The award is only given to NCOs. The nominees are presented to the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps by Senior NCOs. The Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps then recommends a recipient from the list of nominees.

2009 – Sixth Annual Recipient –
Gunnery Sergeant Terry L. McElawain.
McElawain has served three tours in Iraq. Among his many commendations are three Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star.

2008: Fifth Annual Recipient –
Gunnery Sergeant Edward D. Parsons
GySgt Parsons has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and has been singled out with many commendations of merit for exposing himself to enemy fire with blatant disregard for his own safety in an effort to secure the safety of Marines.

2007- Fourth Annual Recipient –
Staff Sergeant James P. Beere

Staff Sergeant Beere received the Bronze Star for his conspicuous leadership under enemy fire and repeatedly braving small arm enemy fire while putting his personal safety to great risk. Staff Sergeant Beere’s nomination for the Basilone Award was endorsed by General O’Dell and General Howell for his repeated acts of selfless valor under fire during Operation Iraqi Freedom II.

The 2007 Award will be designed by Teresa Hansen Studios.

2006 -Third Annual Recipient –
Sergeant Michael A. Mendoza

Sergeant Mendoza was awarded the Silver Star for heroic actions performed in Al Anbar Province, Iraq.

2005- Second Annual Recipient –
Gunnery Sergeant. Edward J. McDermott

GySgt. McDermott  has served valiantly in Iraq.

2004- First Annual Recipient –
Sergeant Major C.A. “Mack” McKinney USMC ret.

SgtMajor McKinney served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam and is lifetime member of Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans and First and Third Marine Divisions.

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